What exactly is Graphic Design? 

If you look around you, you will find design everywhere. It is on the packaging of the cereal you eat and the carton of the milk you drink. The design of the t-shirt you are wearing and that book you are so fond of; anything that was not born naturally and was made; someone thought to design it. The designs are intended to communicate an idea or a vision to the masses and create an impact. This is where graphic design comes in. 

So, what exactly is graphic design? 

Graphic design refers to the process of conceptualizing and crafting visual content for the communication of ideas and messages across to people. The graphical designs bring concepts to life and encompass various components and values intended to influence individuals' perceptions and ultimately influence their purchase decision-making. In short, it is a way businesses interact and communicates with their customers. 

Graphic design in the business landscape 

In the business landscape, graphic design is a broader term that entails a series of creative and professional disciplines that come together to visualize ideas and concepts and make them a reality. These include colors, shapes, lines, dots, textures, typography and balance, etc.  

While graphic designing is mostly a creative process, it does not imply that it cannot be learned. Graphic designing also entails some specific actions and operations that are executed in every project. 

Usually, this is how a graphic design project rolls out. The designers and the client, i.e., the business, come together to work congruently to get the client's vision and concept of the product or service onto a design board. They employ various methods to bring together words, images and simples to form a visual representation of the client's ideas and the messages they want to convey to their customers. So, graphic design is not only about creating communication; it also refers to the generation of products, i.e., the designs on the flyers, giveaways, billboards, web design, emails, advertising campaigns, and visiting cards. 

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